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Bing had rolled out a spam filter a few months ago which was aimed to check the URL keyword stuffing. With the help of the spam filter, Bing detects, filters as well as combats spam to improve the search quality overall.

The Principal Development Manager of the Bing Index Quality, Igor Rondel posted on the Bing Search Blog news that the spam filter which was rolled out a few months ago, had an impact on about 3% of all search queries.

Spammers use various approaches to implement the technique. He targeted spammers stuffing keywords in the domain or URL or domain to artificially boost the rankings in Bing.

Mentioned below are the types of URLs to demonstrate the point::

URL squatting

  • Here the spammer plays on the human tendency to misspell keywords & in effect syphons traffic off of existing (typically high profile/ traffic) sites
  • E.g. of, (misspelling of

How Does Bing Detect Keyword URL Stuffing?

Bing has not given specific details on how do they exactly do it but they mentioned the signals they look at for the detection of a spam including number of hosts, site size, number of words in host/ domain names and path, host/ domain/ path keyword co-occurrence (inc. unigrams and bigrams), percentage of the site cluster comprised of top frequency host/ domain name keywords, host/ domain names containing certain lexicons/ pattern combinations (e.g., [“year,” “event | product name”], and site/page content quality and popularity signals

What is the Impact of This Spam Filter On Bing’s Search Results?

Bing shared the impact of the spam filter had on search results with extreme transparency. They explained that 3% of all search queries were impacted due to the spam filter. It specifically impacted nearly 5 million sites which comprises around 130 million URLs. They even shared some example sites impacted by this spam filter.

Users: The update had an impact on ~3% of Bing queries (on an average ~1 out of 10 URLs was filtered out per impacted query.)

SEO community: 5M sites, comprising more than 130M urls, have been impacted, this resulted in upwards of 75% reduction in traffic to these sites from Bing.

Example queries: {hotmail login}, {bestbuy on sale}, {cheap hdtv}

Examples of spam sites impacted:


3% Queries Impacted Due to Bing’s Keyword Stuffing Spam Filter!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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