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Almost two years ago Google had announced that HTTPS would become ranking signal.

Now Dr. Peter J Meyers from Moz has revealed that 30% of the results are HTTPS since the announcement.

In his data Peter Meyers suggests that Google is accomplishing the mission, slowly but steadily.

Prior to HTTPS Algorithm update, roughly 7%(IN Moz data) of results on page 1 used HTTPS. The number however increased to a little over 8%, one week after the announcement.

30% Of Google Results Are Now HTTPS, Says MOZ Study

It has been two years since the announcement and the number has risen to 32.5% (that’s almost one-third of page 1.

30% Of Google Results Are Now HTTPS, Says MOZ Study

“As of late June, our tracking data shows that 32.5% (almost one-third) of page-1 Google results now use the "https:" protocol. The tiny bump on the far left (above "A-14" = August 2014) is the original HTTPS algorithm update. The much larger bump in the middle is when Wikipedia switched to HTTPS. This goes to show the impact that one powerhouse can have on SERPs, but that's a story for another time.”

Dr. Meyers suggests that this increase is not purely the result of algorithm updates because the graph show a gradual progress. “It's possible that people are simply switching to HTTPS for their own reasons, but I strongly believe that this data suggests Google's PR campaign is working. They've successfully led search marketers and site owners to believe that HTTPS will be rewarded, and this has drastically sped up the shift. An algorithm update is risky and can cause collateral damage. Convincing us that change is for our own good is risk-free for Google. Again, Google is fighting the long war.”

Google’s Gary Illyes has almost conformed the number.

30% Of Google Results Are Now HTTPS, Says MOZ Study

The Risks

Dr. Meyers says Google has been irresponsible about downplaying the risks involved in the switch. Businesses should weight time, money and the risk involved in migration against the small algorithmic boost.

Dr. Meyers recommends to stay aware of the migration rate on your industry because there may be another HTTPS algorithm update in 6-12 months.

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