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According to a new research by Pew Research Center 52 percent of the online adults are accessing two or more social networks. Also, it is revealed that the number of Facebook users using combination of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have increased considerably since August 2013.

52% of Online Adults Access Two or More Social Networks

Here’s more from Pew on the research:

Facebook remains the most popular platform for those using just one social media site
fully 79 percent of those who use just one site report using Facebook. As in 2013, a significant majority of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn users say they also use Facebook, more than any other site. At the low end, 86 percent of LinkedIn users are also on Facebook. At the high end, 94 percent of Instagram users use Facebook (Instagram’s parent company).

The proportion of Facebook users who also use another platform increased significantly since August 2013 for each platform. That is, there are more Facebook users this year who also use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn than there were last year. Similarly, there are more LinkedIn users who use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest than there were in 2013. Finally, there are more Pinterest users on Instagram and LinkedIn than in 2013. These increases likely reflect the overall trend toward multiple-site use described above.

52% of Online Adults Access Two or More Social Networks

Other Facebook statistics include:

  • 70 percent of Facebook users engage with the website everyday, while 45 percent do several times in a day.
  • While the Facebook users' median friends total was 155, respondents estimated that median number of 50 of those were actual friends.
  • 93 percent users are friends with family members, other than children and parents.
  • 91 percent users are friends with the current "actual" friends.
  • 45 percent are friends with their parents
  • 36 percent are friends with their neighbors
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