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The SEO practice is continuously evolving and that too at a quick pace. When Google moved to 100 percent secure search, businesses juggled to find out ways to measure their SEO performance.

Acronym, the search marketing & technology company believes that keywords are still the basis of the SEO. It has announced a new way determine important keyword data, when majority of marketers are seeing (not provided) data.

Acronym Launches "Keyword Provided" Algorithm; An Alternative to Determine "Not Provided" Keywords Data

When marketers are facing the problem of lack of keyword data, Acronym says that "Keyword Provided" algorithm is the solution. Built into the Keyword Objects tool, it is said to be tested for 99 percent accuracy level.

In an announcement, the company said, "Acronym has developed a patent-pending algorithm to recreate your keywords with near-perfect accuracy. Our Keyword Provided Algorithm maps each keyword '(not provided)' visit to one of thousands of visitor profiles that are customized to your site using such factors as geography, buying patterns, URLs visited and much more".

The results according to Acronym are the keywords that are matched with conversions and visits. While some brands are focusing on the other ways to measure SEO, others are relying on the keywords for organic search performance.

The President and COO of Acronym, Michael Bruh said, "Keyword is still the closest proxy to intent, and no company is better at understanding that value than Google – as the search engine itself uses queries to serve up the most relevant results. And this is what brands need to be able to do as well".

Bruh said that while other companies are Ok with figuring out SEO performance at page level and estimating the value of keyword, Acronym is not Ok. The theory is not Ok for large enterprises. It is just not possible to deal with dynamic keyword lists, which have hundreds of thousands of keywords and not know which keywords are exactly getting visits and conversions. He further said that large enterprises are somewhere skeptical about putting their business in hands of Google & about the search engine giant promising a reward on creating great content.

Bruh agrees to the strategy of creating quality web content for the audience but he believes that keyword data fills in the present content gaps. To know more about Keyword Objects, the new tool by Acronym, click here.

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