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Google on Tuesday announced an Estimated Cross Device that has the capacity to display ads. Since apps consume more time on mobile devices, it’s an effort to fill the gap for many advertisers in this device. It will now be easy to gauge the conversion activity on display ads when users toggle between more than one app, or move to and fro between the apps and the web.

Up to this time, cross device conversion was a feature of display ads and had as a part of itself website visits only. With this device, the advertisers will be able to measure conversions that start with display ad click from the web or even an ad within the app. This works the other way round too, no matter of the conversion starts on one device and ends on another.

Hypothetical examples can be given to demonstrate the point:

Let’s assume there is a clothing retailer and the shopper clicks the display ad for a pair of socks on their smartphone, while they were reading an article in a browser. Suppose they go ahead and buy the pair of socks on the app using the very same device, the conversions become measurable between web and apps as a segment of Estimated Total Conversions.

In the very same way, if you’re the marketing manager of a hotel whose ad for summer getaways can be seen in a weather app, prospective customers might check out the ad while checking the weather. It’s also a possibility that they might book rooms later during the day using their desktops or tablets. The conversions that start on a device and end on another can also be measured now, be it between apps, or web and app.

Reports on Estimated Cross Device conversions were taken by Google from users who formerly logged in to Google accounts. The data was aggregated and anonymized. AdWords also makes possible call conversions and in store visits estimates.

The advertisers who have apps will be required to set up AdWords conversion tracking for all the in-app activities in order to access cross-device conversion data. It’s to be duly noted, that the cross device conversions with apps in picture are not accessible to the European Union countries due to certain privacy restrictions. They are incompatible with app install ads.

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