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In response to the queries and questions at the SMX conference, the official adCenter blog has posted an article which is a detailed explanation “about two areas of adCenter that might be confusing: trademark policy and dynamic text, or parameters.”

Trademark Policy: The motive is to have a fair trademark policy with which “advertisers can have the best experience and results when their ads show up on Live Search. With this policy advertisers are required to agree that they will not bid on keywords, or use in the text of their advertisements, any word whose use would infringe on the trademark of any third party, or would otherwise be unlawful or in violation of the rights of any third party.”

There are 3 conditions when a trademarked term can be utilized as a keyword and those are:

A trademarked term may be used as a keyword or in ad content for the following reasons:

  1. “You are an authorized reseller of the trademarked term. This means that the trademark owner has authorized you as an approved affiliate and that you sell authentic goods or services that are distributed under the trademark.
  2. You are providing information about the trademarked term. This means that the main purpose of the landing page or site is to provide information (for example, product reviews) about goods or services represented by the trademark, and the advertiser does not sell or facilitate the sale of any product or service that competes with the goods or services represented by the trademark.
  3. You are using the trademarked term in its ordinary, dictionary form, and the landing page or site does not sell, or facilitate the sale, of any product or service that competes with the owner of the trademark for such a term. For example, your site refers to apples (the fruit), not Apples (the computers).”

If the sole owner of a trademark feels that a different advertiser is bidding for the owner's term, the advertiser can request th adCenter Editorial Team to perform an ad and keyword review simply by submitting a Trademark Concern form. This will decide whether the advertiser is an approved affiliate or not. Whichever the result may be, the owner of the trademarkw ill be notified.

Parameters: There are three kinds of dynamic text.

Use this type of dynamic text To

Keyword {keyword} Customize your ad based on search queries

Destination URL {param1} Change the destination URL based on search queries

Placeholder {param2} {param3} Revise your ads using placeholders

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For more, read the article at adCenter blog .

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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