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This session on the first day of Pubcon, Las Vegas, 2013 was an interactive session with two speakers on advanced online reputation management. Full of case studies, the session dealt with every aspect of the issue.

Advanced Reputation Management: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 1! Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur
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  • Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur
  • Erin Jones, Director of Community Relations, Trackur

Andy and Erin had put together over 60 minutes of advanced reputation management advice that covered everything from basics of reputation management to monitoring your brand, improving online reviews, repairing reputation attacks and more.

Attendees were keen on listening to the views of Andy Beal and Erin Jones, known experts in social media monitoring tools, on Advanced Reputation Management. While Andy Beal is the CEO of Trackur, Erin Jones is Director of Community Relations in the company.

Fast paced session held in Salon A of Pubcon, Las Vegas, was replete with case studies, which made it so interesting. The session was followed by Q&A, with the attendees putting up toughest of questions, that the speakers gave patient answers to.

The plan

The speakers began their address stressing on a plan for building reputation. Rather than acting impulsively to the things that come, businesspersons need to be prepared for that. A thoughtful strategy will help entrepreneurs and managers tackle the challenges and build online reputation block by block.

Building Blocks of Reputation

Andy talked about essential building blocks for a successful online brand building strategy  –  Outlining of goals, Determining your objectives, Understanding keywords and Customer engagement.

Entrepreneurs and business managers must be very clear how they want people to see their brand. They have to choose, build and nurture the brand accordingly, building profile and following on a social network steadily and tactfully. Profiles on other networks must be created as well along with the major ones even if there are no immediate plans to put the focus there. Twitter handles of employees can also be used to meet the objectives.

As Andy said, business leaders need to determine why they are active online. Is it money? Is finding brand partners the goal? Whatever, it is, they need to maintain consistency. Congruency is key in online branding. One needs to work on building relationships with bloggers and journalists with sincere pitches. Engaging them will help creating the right image for a brand.

Andy advised people to understand keywords and build profiles around them. They need to monitor all the relevant terms before choosing a select few. Building profiles with company name along with the selected keywords will keep it search friendly.

Need to empower employees for engaging customers on social media

Erin agreed with Andy when he recommended empowering employees to deal with customers on social media. They should be able to engage with customers and know how to stop a crisis. Offering quick remedy to legitimate complaints will help. Andy advises not to talk trash and avoid wasting time on people who are bent on giving you a cold shoulder. One really can’t do much in that case.

Customers must feel they are being listened. Whether a comment is positive or negative, there should be a response. People handling social media for a business must engage in conversation with the customers and nurture relationships with them.

Keeping track of reviews

Andy underlined it was important for business leaders to know where their customers were leaving reviews – Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or any other review site. There are many and they have to be watched. However, a business must refrain from encouraging people to put up fake reviews. Review sites may penalize if they find out. Legitimate complaints found in the review sites need to be addressed as well.

Listening to what people say enables entrepreneurs keep finger on their pulse. The speakers suggested to focus on creating appealing content as Okay was no more enough. Content must be good enough to impress upon people to share it.

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