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Google has announced on Google+, version 10.5 of AdWords Editor is available now. With the new version users can download product groups, make bulk edits, upload and check changes along with performing other tasks that save time across online and offline shopping campaigns.

The new features in the latest version are mentioned below:

Shopping Campaign Management

Now AdWords Editor supports Shopping campaign management. Users can view as well as update shopping campaign settings but they can only create ad groups and campaigns in the AdWords frontend. If users import or copy a Shopping campaign to AdWords Editor, it will be duplicated without product groups, as a Search Only campaign.

The Product groups also known as shopping criteria or product partitions within a selected Shopping campaign are available under Targeting. Among other tasks, users can do the following:

  • Upload product groups to or download from the AdWords frontend.
  • Bulk edit destination URLs and product group bids.
  • Switch a product group between Excluded and Biddable.
  • Export changes to to XML/CSV/HTML or import to existing product groups with XML/CSV.
  • AdWords Editor does not allows users to create, pause or delete product groups.

Deleted Ads not Downloaded

The “Hide deleted ads” settings is removed from the latest version which means AdWords Editor will no longer download deleted ads.

Targeting Options

Targeting optimization settings for Display Network only campaigns now includes Aggressive targeting and Conservative targeting options.

In-market Audiences

The new interests “In-market buyers (ROI)” is now available while assigning audiences in AdWords Editor.

Improvements to Reach and Performance

The new version of AdWords Editor supports new features to improve the user's reach and performance across the Google Display Network.

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