Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

Nov 12, 2007 | 2,926 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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A forum in Digital Point informs of a New Content Network Exclusion Functionality wherein you can “now block certain categories of site, as well as "Domain Ads" and "Error Page Ads".”

Loren Baker feels that, "If Google rolls out full force with this blocking of the serving of advertiser AdWords ads on domain parking sites, this could potentially be a real blow to domain registration and parking companies, leading to deals with other paid search engines to fill the void."

Dave Davis has a thorough explanation along with screenshots of the new site exclusion option.

adwords content exclusion beta 1 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

1) Campaign Selection.

Content Exclusion Beta? Sounds interesting! I am a huge fan of the AdWords content network. The ROI from content network campaigns can be many times that of the search network if done right and is a fantastic way to source private advertising deals. I asked one particularly generous client if we could test the new tool and she graciously agreed. This client has allowed us to test every single new tool that Google has released for advertisers with complete free reign, so I was very grateful. The initial screen allows us to select which campaign we would like to work with. Fortunately, we separate all our content network and search network campaigns.

adwords content exclusion beta 2 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

2) Site Exclusion Tab.

After about ten seconds analyzing the campaign, the content exclusion tool came back and offered us three tabs. The first tab, the site exclusion tab offered us a list of sites to pick from and exclude. What is interesting here is that only 24 sites were offered for exclusion and no data was provided as to why these particular sites were presented. As I am the account manager for this particular account, I can tell you now that the sites listed here are all poor performers. What is even more interesting is that all but three of these sites were already excluded using the site exclusion tool. Some feedback was promptly sent to Google regarding this. For those who do not regularly run placement performance reports, this would appear to be a wonderful time saver.

adwords content exclusion beta 3 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

3) Topics Exclusion Tab.

Next up was the topics exclusion tab. Now it’s starting to get really interesting. When running a large campaign, it is almost impossible to go through every page and domain listed in large placement performance reports and visit each site to check the content. In fact, the only time we actually visit the site is when there is a large enough sample size with at lease some medium-poor conversion data. I have no idea how Google groups adsense advertisers accurately into topics considering you can use adsense on multiple sites once your initial site has been approved.

adwords content exclusion beta 4 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

4) Page Types Tab.

The final tab is the page types tab. This is probably the most interesting and from reading the AdWords feature request forum threads on webmasterworld, one of the most requesed features. This tab lets you exclude a variety of “types” of pages your content network ads will appear on. The most notable here are domain ads and error page ads. Many advertisers have been crying out to exclude these types of pages from their content network campaigns and their prayers are finally being answered. The other types of exclusion are of the social networking and media sharing sites. From managing this particular campaign, I can tell you that social networks such as MySpace and video sharing sites such as YouTube, are without a doubt, the worst performers. Domain Ads and Error Page Ads are by far the best performers (See below).

adwords content exclusion beta 5 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

Many advertisers claim that Domain Ads and Error page ads perform worst for them. A quick placement performance report on this campaign for the past two weeks shows a different story:

adwords content exclusion beta 6 Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!


My initial impressions of the new Content Exclusion Beta tool are pretty good. It is great to see Google taking feedback (Thanks AdWordsAdvisor!) from real AdWords users and implementing the requested features. While this tool is a very handy “overview” tool it is absolutely no substitute for running regular placement performance reports, using statistically valid sample sizes and making good decisions based on that data weather or not to exclude a site from your content network campaigns. I think this new visibility will allow more advertisers make better content network choices and force publishers to create better content to entice advertisers. It is still a little early to tell, but I think this tool will produce some decent results. I’ll keep you posted with the results we get over the coming weeks. “

Based on the forum at Digital Point, the functionality, so far is available for users in the US, the UK and Canada.

4.thumbnail Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!

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4.thumbnail Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!
4.thumbnail Adwords Introduces “Domain Ads” & “Error Page Ads” Exclusion Functionality!