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Google is on the continuous look-out for ways to provide better consumer insights to the AdWords advertisers. The new metric "store visit measurement" will let advertisers know what products are driving consumers to their stores.

The new metric is added to Estimated Total Conversions (ETC) tool to give users a holistic view of the engagement of consumers with the business. It will be based on a company's collective search ads running across different devices. These will include local inventory ads, product listing ads (PLA), and other types of search ads. These insights can be used to decide which products are driving more customers to stores.

AdWords Gets Store Visit Measurement to Give Holistic View of Consumer Engagement

Google also shared the example of Office Depot, the popular office supply company. It said that Office Depot can leverage the store visit data to figure out if HP printers are driving consumers to one of its store and on the basis of data, decide if they should have HP printer added in the local inventory ads. This will let Office Depot understand the impact search ads have & spend wisely on their advertising budget.

Google has told that the new metric will keep the data private & secure. Also added, "We never provide anyone's actual location to advertisers. Instead, store visits are estimates based on aggregated, anonymized data from a sample set of users that have turned on Location History".

Also, it is unknown if the metric will be available to the advertisers outside the U.S. in the coming time.

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