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Microsoft Corp. is gearing up to launch its Windows Live Video service. With this service Microsoft would be able to buy and sell the content. Currently Google Inc. is providing this service.

According to, this service is expected to be available publicly in April. Currently, Microsoft's video service, MSN Video provides a variety of news, entertainment and sports from its content partners and the web.

With this new service, it would enable the visitors to upload their video and share it with others. This would be another step to make things easier. It would be interesting to see how Windows Live Video service would affect MSN Video. Microsoft has not given any particular statement over this development.

In an interview with, Moz Hussain, a product planner for Microsoft’s blogging service MSN Spaces, hinted at a possible Live Video.

Hussain said future integration of Windows Live services and Spaces would allow him to "aggregate things that I'm posting in different places, whether it's a restaurant review, whether its photos from my holiday, whether it’s my favorite video clips and movies — all of those things I can aggregate and share with the world."

Hopefully, all these plans are brought to fruition soon. What is of particular interest is the integration of Windows Live with MSN Spaces.

After Google, Microsoft is coming with its Video Service Under Windows Live Video, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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