May 31, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

The Live Local team has summed it all up for us. In a recent blog post they have elaborated about all the features of the new Live Local. Dissatisfied with the non-elaborative media coverage, they have come out with this exhaustive run-down of features.

International Coverage

Until now, International support in Live Local has been thin, focusing on North America. Not any more! You can just as easily get Directions form your Hotel to a club in Amsterdam as you can from the same hotel to one in Budapest.

Live Messenger Integration

Probably one of the most useful features we’ve ever popped out. This lets you and a friend on your Messenger contact list navigate a single shared map!

Microsoft Outlook Integration

A free Windows Live Local plugin for Microsoft Outlook hit the streets that integrates maps and driving directions into your calendar items and appointments.


Lots of coverage has focused on Live Local being the first major mapping site to offer traffic flow data drawn right on the streets as an overlay.

Collections and Live Favorites

Collections are just what they sound like – a grouping of stuff on your Scratchpad that you want to save together.

To read more, visit the post.

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