Relegence: Another Acquisition By AOL

Nov 9, 2006 | 148 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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After acquiring Userplane, GameDaily, Lightningcast, Inc. and Truveo, Inc., a news search company Relegence has become the fifth acquisition of AOL of this year. The press release on Relegence website states that Relegance will remain headquartered in New York. The company also have offices in Tel Aviv and London. Relegance will function as a subsidiary of AOL. For the deal Jim Bankoff, Executive Vice President, Consumer & Publisher services, AOL LLC said, “This acquisition is a perfectly timed enhancement and complement to our web services strategy, where content management for web publishing will be a critical component of delivering the best experience for our users. Relegence's unique technology delivers web events and information in real-time to its users – giving them a huge 'knowledge' advantage in the marketplace and in their daily lives. We're confident that Relegence will bring a scalable and differentiated approach to serving AOL users, while existing institutional customers will continue to be well-served by their innovative technology and capabilities.”

Edo Segal, Relegence Founder, Chairman & CTO said “Seven years ago we set out on a quest to create the real-time internet. To create a world where if a piece of information relevant to you is published – anywhere – it will be on your desktop that second. By joining with AOL, Relegence will be able to execute on this vision. We are incredibly excited to combine our next generation technologies with the scale of AOL. This transaction is a fulfillment of our journey so far, with incredible potential for change and evolution of the Internet phenomenon.”

4.thumbnail Relegence: Another Acquisition By  AOL

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Relegence: Another Acquisition By  AOL
4.thumbnail Relegence: Another Acquisition By  AOL