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Spotted first by AppleInsider, Apple has added reviews content from TripAdvisor and Booking.com to Apple Maps. The new review sources appear to be both for US and international locations, though it is predominantly outside the US.

Yelp reviews are still present, but have been replaced for hotel and restaurant searches in most international contexts. It has been noted that in the US TripAdvisor and Booking.com content were not found except in isolated cases. The new review sources show up in mobile results and on the desktop version of Apple Maps. Booking.com is being put to use for hotel reviews in most cases while TripAdvisor is used for restaurants.

After conducting a search for “museums, London” , it delivers a list of results with Yelp reviews. But a search for “restaurants, London” shows results with TripAdvisor reviews. A query for “hotels, London” shows Booking.com reviews. In these cases, Yelp reviews have clearly been replaced by the other two sources but evidently not for museums.

A search for “restaurants, Prague” or “restaurants, Mexico City” displays Yelp results, while restaurant searches in most European capitals show TripAdvisor content. It’s not clear whether Yelp is simply better in these cities or whether Apple hasn’t yet gotten around to replacing the Yelp content.

It goes on: a search for “hotels, Vienna Austria” displays reviews from Booking.com while “museums, Vienna Austria” continues to show Yelp results.

Yelp has a good European restaurant reviews coverage, but in most cases, Apple appears to have entirely replaced them with TripAdvisor reviews. Yet TripAdvisor probably has much better hotel reviews coverage than Booking.com. TripAdvisor has always been important to hotel operators but now it must become a new focus for restaurants outside the US. Booking.com gains new prominence among hotel review sites.

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