Mar 8, 2006 113 reads by PageTraffic

Current reports convey that Yahoo! has added four new API's to its Developer Network. These new API's are for Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Calender, Yahoo! MyWeb and Yahoo! Shopping. You can avail the API free of charge at http.//, for a non-commercial usage. But, don't worry  it has also introduced Yahoo! Shopping API for the commercial users. For this, the team at Yahoo! has also opened up an application gallery to showcase some of the great applications created with these API's.

Although the Product Search Version 2 and Paid Syndication Beta construct better shopping sites, Yahoo! Shopping has improved its Product Search API by adding new features to it. Your Yahoo! Shopping API helps you to search by product category and enhance your product searches using the subcategories.

Not only this, the developers can now syndicate products from Yahoo! Shopping to make money out of it. Don't be surprised, just fill up the applications for the Shopping Paid Syndication Program in the initial beta phase. If you are working on a shopping mash-up, or you desire to intregrate shopping comparison features, then don't give it a second thought because the program is just perfect as per your requirements.



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