Mar 9, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Finally, the wait is over for the French community as France is here to give unique experience.  Basically, this launch is its new French beta version. Besides this, has been adding some new features for its British, American, Japanese, Spanish and German sites.

Since its launch in last week, it has already received many enthusiastic reviews from the print and on-line press.

Alexandre Laurent, L'Atelier said, "  …this beta version does not yet offer all the same features as its big English sister. However, possibilities are numerous and… some of them are quite interesting! "

Génération Nouvelles Technologies was quoted, "Another search engine, maybe, but surely an alternative to what currently serves as a yardstick in the industry, and this is welcome news."

With the use of advanced technology, France is able to provide quick and intelligent results to users' queries. Aks's unique methodology provides specific search results. It identifies the most respected and authoritative web sites. Some other exciting features include, ranking algorithm, some unique features and tools. All these factors will give you a refined search experience.


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