Mar 23, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

The next time you visit Ask Sponsored Listings home page, do not forget to have a look at its newly launched service titled "The Advanced Plan." The service has been introduced for only those category of advertisers who can pay a sum of $ 5,000 approximately, per month, and what you get is a special contract form to fill up. However, for the ones whose advertising budget is less than the above mentioned amount, you can sign-up for a fully-automated self-serve account.

The service is automated and is built on the similar standards like that of other search engine providers. With the use of this service you can run your campaign withing 1-2 hours, once you avail an account. Secondly, you also get an access to the account performance reports so that it becomes easy for you to change and optimize the performance of your reports. But, the only disadvantageous thing in the service is that it mainly targets large Advertisers.

It seems that the search engine race is not limited to only few top shots like Google, MSN, and Yahoo!, search engines like are also paving their way to reach the highest point in the search engine market race.

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