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PageTraffic Buzz is a news blog that publishes unique insights, latest developments and the breakthroughs in social media and search world.

Guest Posting is an extremely powerful way of gaining exposure and introducing your expertise to the fast paced digital world.

Its pretty simple, so… why not start right away? If you share our keen interest on SEO, online marketing, social media, blogging, mobile marketing and search then we welcome you to share your guest posts on PageTraffic Buzz.

Please, go through the instructions on the page carefully before filling out the form.

How to guest post to PageTraffic Buzz:

  1. The first step is to register with us by filling out and submitting the form available at the bottom of this page.
  2. Make sure that your username is relevant and meaningful as it will be displayed in the URL of your author page.
  3. Add the details specified in the form and feel free to include a link to your blog or website.
  4. Create an account on and upload your photo. This photo will be visible in the Author bio of your post.
  5. After submitting your details, let us know your username.
  6. After reviewing your account details, we will upgrade your account and provide you with login details. This will allow you to submit guest posts.
  7. Once you have submitted your guest post it will be reviewed and published within a short span of time.
  8. Just in case, if your guest-post needs to be re-written, you will be notified by email and your post will be available in the draft section of your account for editing

Why write for PageTraffic Buzz

Guest bloggers enjoy many benefits of being featured on PageTraffic Buzz, such as:

After publishing a guest post we engage in active social media promotion of the blog post. We adopt every possible online measure to ensure that an interested reader is able to find your guest post on our blog. Our blog is exposed to 50,000+ monthly visitors made up of social media and search enthusiasts, experts as well as amateur learners.

We promote the blog posts on our active and growing Twitter, Facebook and Google+ communities too. Being associated with us will help you gain a name for yourself in the industry.

How to post successful guest posts on PageTraffic Buzz

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before starting your guest post for PageTraffic Buzz. The following points will help you in making successful submissions of guest posts.

  1. Most importantly, the guest post you submit must not be published elsewhere. It has to be 100% unique.
  2. The accepted length of the guest post has to be from 300 to 1400 words.
  3. Divide the guest post into paragraphs with headings and subtitles.
  4. You can include 3-4 relevant or informative links within the guest post. Affiliate links are not allowed.
  5. Don't hesitate in sharing strong opinions about the social and search world.
  6. Do interact with users who comment and ask questions on your published guest post on our blog.

Now it’s time for us to work with you!

After we have received your guest post, our experienced editors will review it and edit it, if required. We then work on the design of your guest post to ensure it fits with the theme of our blog. In few cases we may be required to edit the title of your blog as well as the content without changing the meaning or essence of your post.

Do contact us if you wish to clarify any doubt.

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is very important that the guest post must be unique and only written for It should not have been previously published online or offline. Also, once your post is published on PageTraffic Buzz, it can’t be published elsewhere.
  2. It is important that as the author of the guest post you check the comments and questions posted on the posts and timely reply to them.
  3. While submitting your guest post, do submit a brief author bio along with your photo. The photo has to be a personal photo of the author.


Send us your details by filling up the form below. We will contact you quickly.

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