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The latest Bing Ads Editor, the ultimate desktop tool for managing campaigns, has updates to v10.7, and has inculcated some new features such as interface changes, post changes and more.

Here’s what the new version is offering:-

1. Keyword Text Editing – You will now be able to edit the text of synced keywords which will help to manage the keywords more efficiently. This will help to edit keywords in the editor pane after they’ve been synced to the cloud.

2. Updated Get/Post Changes – The Get changes will enable you to select specific campaigns to download. This will allow for more control over what data gets downloaded. Additionally you can also choose between basic option which downloads only the campaign data or the more data option which downloads the first page bid estimates, top-of-page bid estimates and quality score along with your campaign data.

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!

With the Post Changes, you can now either post all the changes you’ve made across the account or choose specific campaigns with changes that you want to post.

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!

3. Radius Targeting- This will enable you to manage radius targets as well from the location targeting grid.

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!

4. Logout- You will now also have the ability to log out of your currently logged-in user credentials without having to close Bing Ads Editor.

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!

5. Usability improvements- Bing has added several usability improvements to the navigation, edit pane, and action bar to make the navigation more intuitive, which should help save to time when managing the campaigns with Editor.

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!

Here’s a quick overview video from the Bing Ads team on the updates:

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Is Here!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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