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Bing Ads has launched the new Bid Landscape feature, to give the users more bidding power and a better view of the bid landscape. The new feature will allow advertisers to understand the changes that come up as a result of changing keyword bid.

Bing Ads Launches “Bid Landscape” to give Advertisers More Bidding Power

Bing said in a blog post that the tool shows how different estimated bids influenced your impressions and clicks in the last seven days. If you want to raise or lower your bid, based on this information, you can select one of the estimated bids or select your own custom bid. The feature is very simple to use:

  • Click on the “Keywords” tab on the “Campaigns” page. A small graph icon appears next to your current bid.
  • Clicking on the graph icon displays a graph with a click-cost curve or a bid-impression curve. The graph shows an estimate of the impressions, clicks and top impressions you have received in the last 7 days.
  • To change the bid select the desired value in the left column and save the changes. You can enter your own bid in the last row.

Bing started testing the project towards the end of 2013. After receiving positive responses and feedbacks from all the participants, Bing has decided to launch the new tool to all the audience. During the beta period, participants confirmed that with the help of Bid Landscape they could judge the effects of placing different bids per keyword in a easy and convenient way. It also enabled them to make informed decisions in optimizing their campaigns.

As of now, the tool is available only to the advertisers in the US. The data is updated daily, so if you have just changed your bid then you have to wait for a day before Bing shows the updated Bid Landscape data. Bing has also provided a detailed insight into the feature in its Bing Ads Help section.

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