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Bing Ads has introduced a new look for its change history report. You can now experience improved usability and enhanced performance with the updated change history page.

The Bing Ads Change History tab which is located in the Campaigns page offers an instant visual picture of how your changes affect your campaign's performance.

The updated Change History page will now group the changes made by you at one time instead of itemizing every single change separately as it was done before the update. This will make it easier in quickly navigating as well as drawing insights. Every row in the grid will have changes made at the same time by a given user. Changes are first grouped by Campaign, then by the Ad Group.

You will now find a new column labeled “Changes” which details the entity level changes. The change type filter is now more visible and is placed right above the grid. Previously, one new Bing Ads creation generated 70 rows of changes. With the new update, you can see all the data in just 5 rows.

Also, you will experience faster data processing as well as more data availability. Previously, the change history report could only show 200,000 changes at one time. Now the viewing limit has increased to 10 million. However, the export limit is still 200,000 changes. The interface now is much faster than before.

Bing Ads Revamps the Change History Report Look

The Bing Ads team has said that they will let advertisers Undo changes right within the Change History grid. This will allow users to take action inline without navigating away m has also said that the usability of the Change History interface will further be improved by supporting sorting and filtering by users.

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