Feb 7, 2015 114 reads by Ritu Sharma

Over a few days, Bing Ads will be rolling out modifications to its quality score reporting, which will affect how quality score gets reported; ad and keyword performance fundamentals won’t be impacted.

Here is what will be seen in accounts after updates-

1. Earlier quality scores. When an ad launches there is not enough data on it, Bing Ads will show a quality score “based on marketplace data” instead of showing a blank in the quality score column. This update however will be rolled out in the U.S. first and then globally.

2. Reporting based on exact matching. Quality score report would be based on “search queries and other inputs that match your keywords exactly” to be more reflective of the key factors that determine ad visibility in the auction. So, basically the quality scores should be a clear indication of how effective your ads and keywords are.

3. Updated terminology. Quality score factors will reflect those found in Google AdWords to make them easier to compare and reduce friction for users of both platforms. The following sub-components will be reported as Above Average, Average or Below Average.

  • Keyword relevance is now Expected click-through rate
  • Landing page relevance is now Ad relevance
  • Landing page user experience is now Landing page experience

Generally Bing Ads recommends examining keywords with quality scores below 6 and making adjustments to improve performance. However historic quality scores won’t be overwritten by this update.

These changes are not going to impact the way ads perform. They are designed to make quality score easier to use as a guide to where to focus your efforts in making improvements.

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Ritu Sharma
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