Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!

Jan 10, 2017 | 1,250 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Bing has shared insights for the upcoming Valentine’s Day based on last year’s shopping trends and ads performance to help US marketers plan their campaigns for this year. Data says more than half of the American adults celebrate Valentine’s Day and they are spending more money online every year.

Unmarried couples are the biggest spenders with an average spend of $107 and married couples spending $96 on an average. Unmarried men (25-34) being the biggest spenders, spend $133 on an average while women spend an average of $62. The study also reveals that 53% of the women will end the relationship if they don’t get a gift on Valentine’s Day.

6 Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!

Bing search data shows that husband tops the list at 22% for valentine’s day gifts, followed by boyfriend at 17%, and wife & girlfriend at 16% and 4% respectively.

8 Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!

On Valentine’s Day most shoppers start searching and shopping just 2 weeks before with searches peaking on 14th February. However the clicks increase between 7th-14th February and peak on 12th February.

15 Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!

Bing data shows that CTRs  generally peak two days before Valentine’s Day while remaining mostly stable throughout the season. CPCs show a downward trend until 11th February, while cost per click jumps during the last three days. CPCs however never exceeds peak CPCs from Jan 1st – Feb 6th.

16 Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!

Bing Ads Shares Valentine’s Day Trends!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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