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Earlier in March, Bing launched the Bid Landscape tool to allow advertisers to understand the changes that come up as a result of changing keyword bids. Now, the search engine has announced it is expanding the tool to support ad group level too. Currently the new feature is available only in the US but will soon be available to countries worldwide.

What is Ad Group Level Bid Landscape?

Just like at the keyword level, Bid Landscape at the ad group level gives the same contextual insight and bidding power. The new Bid Landscape for ad groups can be found in the chart icon right below the ad group current bid value, within the Ad Group Tab.

Bing Expands the Bid Landscape Tool to Support Both Keywords and Ad Groups

Why to Use Ad Group level Bid Landscape?

Using the ad group level Bid Landscape feature will help in improving ad group default bids on all the keywords in the ad group. Using this will allow you to quickly and effectively increase impressions and click shares.

How to Use Ad Group Level Bid Landscape?

The difference between the Bid Landscape tool at keywords level and ad group level is that the latter can be used in two different ways:

1. Default Mode

At the default mode, you can adjust bids for keywords without changing anything you have set custom bids for. With this you can find better performance for all your keywords, without having to worry about the keywords you have earlier adjusted individually with their own bids.

2. Uniform Mode

The uniform mode is quicker than the default mode. It shows whether there is a single bid which can give better performance. This is applicable only to those ad groups that do not have more than 1,000 keywords in the group.

Bing Expands the Bid Landscape Tool to Support Both Keywords and Ad Groups!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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