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In a recent announcement, Bing Ads explained that it has expanded its reporting features by adding a Top Movers report for added visibility into an account's performance. Bing Ads also said that its top movers report would give a snapshot of significant changes to advertisers' accounts and possible reasons behind the fluctuations.

Bing Expands its Reporting Feature by Adding “Top Movers” Report

The new Top Movers report allows you to determine account clicks and spend variations, identify campaigns and/or ad groups that are seeing the biggest changes. It enables you to reveal possible causes behind these changes. The report helps you in highlighting big moves that can be easily overlooked even when the overall account performance appears to be stable.

How Does it Work?

A "top movers" list includes not more than 10 campaigns and/or ad groups which have experienced the largest performance change not by percentage but by size, during the two specified time frames. With the help of this list, you can easily quickly identify the campaigns contributing most to your account’s performance variation, from both negative and positive perspective.

Account Performance Variation

There is a comparison time period selection which has been designed to compare your account’s performance including your clicks and spend at a time frame of week over week, two weeks over two weeks, or even four weeks over four weeks. The Summary table gives you an insight of your account’s performance change as well as the impact from “top movers.”

Bing Expands its Reporting Feature by Adding “Top Movers” Report

Cause Identification

Other search providers only offer possible causes based on changes made within your account, whereas the Bing Ads Top Movers report takes three types of changes into consideration including the account, search traffic, and competitor data.

Another feature differentiating the report from other search providers is the "opportunities" tab, allowing advertisers to "explore keyword, budget, bid as well as other factors responsible for increasing clicks/spend" for campaigns or ad groups which have experienced the most negative change.

Bing Expands its Reporting Feature by Adding “Top Movers” Report

In addition to offering “top movers” for spend and clicks, Bing Ads also plans to expand reporting to support metrics, such as conversions. They also hope that the Top Movers report becomes a permanent go-to resource in managing your campaigns in future.

You can also check out the video above to know more about the Bing Ads Top Mover Report.

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