Apr 17, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

While Google recorded a fall in comScore’s monthly search rankings, Microsoft sites continued 2015’s rise. Google fell in the rankings from a 64.5% share of the search market in February to 64.4% in March. However, Microsoft Bing’s rankings jumped from 19.8% to 20.1% after January numbers had Microsoft rising from 19.7%. The boost seems to stem from both Google and Yahoo, which was down 0.1% from 12.8 to 12.7. Yahoo’s US search market share had seen a rise in January to 13%- the highest it had seen in years, boosted by its default search deal with Mozilla. However, it has been in decline ever since.

Ask Network and AOL.com continued their stagnation, at 1.8 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively.

Ritu Sharma
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