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Bing has recently launched the Bing Site Safety Page to protect users against malware infected sites. The page allows all Bing users to understand why a certain site is being flagged, for how long has the warning been there, and when did the last scan take place. The announcement was made by the Principal Development Lead at Bing, David Felstead.

Bing Launches Big Site Safety Page for Safe Searching Experience

In the past, a customer after clicking on a potentially dangerous search result was warned that visiting the site could be dangerous without any real context or background information. Bing has repeatedly been warning users when there was even a slight chance of a search result being potentially harmful. Although, only those with a Bing Webmaster account could further access the information.

With the launch of the Bing Site Safety Page, Bing users can now understand the reasons for the warning. Users who are more tech savvy can potentially make better informed decisions. Bing has also rolled out an update to the UX warning users get in the Bing search results when a harmful site has been flagged. The warning contains a new link that invites users to learn more about why the URL is marked as malicious, on following the link the user will end up at the new Bing Site Safety Page.

The Bing Site Safety Page will provide the users with the following information:

  • The reason of the page being marked as malicious, e.g. Malicious Javascript, Malware Network References, DriveBy Attacks, etc.
  • The date of the detection of the infection for the first time
  • How often the URL has been scanned
  • The date of the most recent detection of the infection

This information is available for every one of the tens of millions of URLs discovered as malicious by Bing. Thousands of Bing’s customers are already hitting this page daily. By far more than tens of thousands URLs have been queried for across thousands of hosts, all of them by customers in dozens of markets who are curious to understand as to what is going on with their search results.

Bing also mentioned they will in future enhance the page for showing data aggregated up to the site level for any query that is performed against the Bing Site Safety Page. This information will help users in understanding

  • The total number of URLs that are detected as malicious on the site
  • The types of malware found on the site
  • The last date of a suspicious activity
  • The last time the site was scanned
  • Warning trigger rate or coverage

Bing hopes that the new Bing Site Safety Page will de-mystify issues around malware on the web while allowing users to gain more insight when they get a malware warning.

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