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Following a beta period of several months, Bing has finally announced the launch of Product Ads to all the advertisers in the US. Like the Google PLAs, these ads display rich custom images, promotional text, prices along with the company name and other details. Bing announced in a blog post that the ads will run on both Bing and Yahoo and is currently rolled out only to the advertisers in the US.

Bing Launches Product Ads to US Wide Advertisers

Product Ads reduce the number of clicks and time by increasing the qualified clicks. The costs are however the same as the regular text ads on a pay per click basis with bidding done on product targets. They are displayed in the right side of the search results page, adjacent to the text ads for the same company. Up to six Product Ads may show in the results at one time. Now, with Product Ads, you don't have to write ad copy and develop keywords for each ad campaign. The Product Ads will automatically draw information from the earlier product feeds of the marketer.

The Product Ads are very similar to the Google Product Listing Ads. To create a Product Ad, advertisers need to first set up Bing Merchant Center Store accounts and upload their product catalogs. From there they can create a Product Ads campaign in Bing Ads. Advertisers already running PLA campaigns on AdWords can use the “Import from Google AdWords” option to fetch their campaigns into Bing Ads. In order to be eligible to create a Product Ad, the company should be offering retail products with a secure online checkout and have at least one SKU and an US billing address.

Log in to the Product Ads page to go through the Best Practices Guide, Troubleshooting Guide and step-by-step Bing Product Ads e-book. The company has also released a short video to help marketers start the campaign. Bing confirmed in the blog post that it has been testing Product Ads with hundreds of advertisers over the past several months. Earlier this week Bing also announced it is beta testing Mobile Product Ads for smartphones.

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