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Bing Ads has announced the release of the latest update of Bing Ads Editor, the desktop tool for campaign editing as well as management. The new version 10.5 includes new features which includes a refined negative keyword library, geo-targeting options and refined ad scheduling.

Negative Keyword Library

The negative keyword library helps you in centralizing negative keywords management in three steps by creating one or multiple negative keywords list, then you need to populate the list with negative keywords and lastly you need to apply the list of negative keywords to your campaigns. The library is accessible from a new Shared library tab in editor. You can store the negative keyword lists in the shared Library and apply it to several campaigns. The library is limited to 20 negative keywords lists with 5,000 keywords in each list.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Ad Scheduling

The Ad scheduling has now been redesigned and can be set at 15-minute intervals at the campaign and ad group levels. Ad scheduling is under the Targeting tab in Bing Ads Editor. It allows up to seven schedules per day and 49 schedules per ad group or campaign.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Zip Code Targeting

You can establish Geo-targeting at the zip code level, with up to 10,000 targets in each campaign or ad group.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Export Functions

You now have more options as well as control in specifying which campaigns and ad groups do you want to export. You also have the choice to export ads or keywords.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Import Summary View

You now have the option of reviewing the results of your import. The imported changes will be identified and displayed automatically as updated, deleted, new or skipped.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Advanced Sync Setting Window

You can enjoy more flexibility while screening campaign lists with a variety of filter options as well as the freedom to enter multiple search filter criteria. Copy a list of campaigns directly from a Word document, Excel or e-mail spreadsheet and paste them to the criteria field to filter the campaigns list.

Bing Releases Version 10.5 of Bing Ads Editor

Get more details on the new features from Bing Ads blog post.

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