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Duane Forrester through one of its blog posts, recently made an announcement that they would bid adieu to the Link Explorer tool available within Bing Webmaster Tools on coming October 1, 2015.

The Bing Link Explorer tool used to allow you to explore links to analyze competitive backlinks. The nifty tool, on its launch in 2012, did receive immense applause as Yahoo Site Explorer (which was shut down in 2011) was revitalized by Bing, as a result of its partnership with Yahoo.

Forrester said the tool would be closed down as the team of Webmaster Tools at Bing would not be having access to carry on with the queries that they require to power the tool.

“However, as the size of the Bing index has grown many times over since 2012, and as the architecture of our index has evolved to improve speed and efficiency, we no longer will have access to this information at query time going forward,” Duane Forrester said.

But no big deal, says Forrester. “Link Explorer was often misunderstood in that people were looking for the inbound links pointing to their own site in Link Explorer.”

However, you will still be able to discover how webmasters help in linking to your site with the Bing Inbound link tool, that isn’t going anywhere. Though Link Explorer merely displayed the links sampling, the inbound link tool displays around 20,000 inbound links per page, and boasting of having more advanced reporting for webmasters.

In order to obtain competitive link data third-party link tools will be needed, and you cannot easily obtain this data from Google or Bing Webmaster Tools any longer.

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