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Following the footsteps of Google, Bing Ads has also announced to start testing the inclusion of close variants in exact match in the US market for a portion of queries, although with the option to opt out of the test.

Matt Bisson said that the exact match during this test will include minor grammatical variations including abbreviations, plurals, spacing, acronyms and misspellings. He also mentioned that this feature will be designed to match your ad to queries, representing exactly the same intent to the ones who are already using. The close variants feature displays your ad when the query only slightly varies from the keywords selected by you.

Exact match close variants will not only prove to be a great help in driving more highly qualified click volume to your campaigns, but will also maximize your presence on the queries which are most relevant to your products and services.

In the United States only, this test will cover the close variant types mentioned below:

Bing to Start Close Variants Tests in the US, Provides Opt-Out Option for Advertisers

The Bing Ads close variants test will be subjected to extremely high relevancy thresholds, and close variants are mined from several highly qualified sources.

Bing Ads has also given the option to opt out of the test. Although advertisers are opted in the test by default, they can opt out of the feature by going to “Advanced Settings” and selecting their preference in the “Keyword Matching Options” section.

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