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Bing is implementing a two-phased plan for simplifying device targeting in Bing Ads. Since the time, the compatibility with enhanced campaigns has been rolled out, advertisers have been experiencing complexity in managing paid search campaigns in Bing Ads.

In June, Bing had announced to make changes for targeting functionality in September. This was largely because of the feedback regarding separating tablets and desktops adding unnecessary complexity to the process.

Bing has begun the first phase of the migration process to unified device targeting on September 15th based on customer pain points including efficiency, simplicity and control.

Device target settings were broken into three categories including tablet devices, smart-phones and other mobile devices with full browsers as well as desktops and laptops. Bing also said that all campaign migrations must be completed by October 3rd. Bing has now combined laptops, desktops and tablet devices in the Bing Ads web interface

Bing Unveils Tablet Related Device Targeting Updates

Although Bing has combined PCs and tablets into a single device target, advertisers will still have the option to adjust their tablet bids. To ensure flexibility in managing the performance differences between desktops and tablets, the allowable bid modifier on tablet devices will range from +300% to -20%.

Bing Unveils Tablet Related Device Targeting Updates

It is also important for advertisers to check their campaigns as the tablet device targeting update may have an impact on them. Bing has also shared a list of campaigns which have been affected.

Bing Unveils Tablet Related Device Targeting Updates

Separate reporting for tablet devices will not be available anymore. After the completion of phase 2 of the migration, no OS-level reports for mobile devices or tablets will be available. The device target will have no effect on conversion tracking, but will affect the content network.

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