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The “Broad match (session-based)” match type label is no longer to be a part of the AdWords reporting, announces Google. The label will be renamed “Broad Match”from around August 24, 2015 stated the AdWords Search term reports.

Broad Match (Session-Based) To Be Dropped As a Label in Adwords, Announces Google

The “Broad match (session-based)” will be removed from all the reports, as wellas the historical reports. So, if there is data that you would like have, the solution is to manually download the data before the label is to be renamed.

To avoid any confusion, Google has stated clearly saying, “This is a reporting change and will have no impact on Broad match serving behaviour.”

Broad Match (Session-Based) To Be Dropped As a Label in Adwords, Announces Google!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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