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It is quite visible that Google is hugely promoting Google+ and usage of Google authorship. But, are brands taking the Google+ and rel=author markup seriously?

BlueGlass analyzed a number of top brands to find out if they have starting building a strong Google+ profile and adopted Google Authorship.

Are Businesses Actually Using Google+ Authorship? A BlueGlass Report!

Many brands were not active on Google+ and some of them included likes of Costco, Time Warner, Apple, Best Buy, and Exxon Mobil. Financial groups such as Citigroup, JP Morgan, Metlife, and Wells Farge do not have a social presence on Google+.

Of Fortune 100 brands, only 3.5 percent which included Cisco Systems, Oracle, Home Depot, and AllState were using Google authorship markup.

A slower move was already expected from large traditional brands because they will be having internal processes and challenges, making it difficult to make a quick move ahead of other priorities. A delayed adoption will be beneficial for more agile and quicker competitors.

How are top 50 tech websites using Google+?

The study found that a rarest number of tech sites have fully integrated Google authorship and 52% had used authorship. The number is higher than the Fortune 100 brands but the remaining 48% still have to be active.

Are Businesses Actually Using Google+ Authorship? A BlueGlass Report!

Are Top 50 U.S. News Websites Adopting Authorship Markup?

The numbers are surprising. Only 20 percent of the Top News websites in the U.S. are using authorship markup. Moreover, the usage is limited to a small number of authors or a limited section of the website.

Are Businesses Actually Using Google+ Authorship? A BlueGlass Report!

The sites using authorship are:

  • The New York Times
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Time.com
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Boston Globe
  • San Francisco
  • Houston Chronical

Newspapers including BBC (UK), Yahoo News, Daily Mail (UK), Miami Herald, Washington Post, Post Gazette, Wall Street Journal, and New York Post have not adopted Google Authorship markup.

What is Google's Take?

The most surprising finding of the report was that out of 141 Google-owned blogs, only 10 (which makes 7 percent) have Google Authorship markup. 

Blogs using Authorship:

  • Blogger Buzz
  • Google Webmaster Central Blog
  • Google Apps Developer Blog
  • El blog para Webmasters
  • Google Japan Developers Blog

Are Businesses Actually Using Google+ Authorship? A BlueGlass Report!

Even after heavy promotion of the use of rel="author" by Google, a limited number of brands are using it (including Google). 

While more online focused and tech savvy companies are making a quick move, most of them are still juggling to roll-out the feature across all authors. So, there's a big opportunity for businesses to make the most out of Google+. Many brands who are actively promoting themselves have gone ahead in the race. 

Some of the brands are still trying to prioritize Google+ activity may be because their audience is not active on the social platform yet. This is however the right time for businesses to take the lead as Google is aggressively promoting Google+.

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