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Recently, Microsoft announced that its MSN Search would no longer remain active for the users. Does That surprise you? Now you can make your search results even more faster and simple with Microsoft's newly launched Windows Live Search. This act has made Microsoft's long term plans to push the Windows-brand in its internet strategy possible. According to Microsoft, the use of Windows Live Search would prove beneficial to them as compared to MSN Search. Probably, this time Microsoft is hitting the arrow in the right direction.

Windows Live Search comes with unique features which includes enhanced description text and an improved typography so that your scanning results appear to be simpler. It has been stated by Microsoft personnels that Windows Live Search is far better than MSN Search due to its new properties. To make your search productive Windows Live Search makes use of various sliders and frames to present the listings. With the use of slider you can reduce or increase the amount of information following each engine result.

Despite of the fact that all the search results are present on the same page, you get an increased download time. So now it hardly matters even if Microsoft has reduced the total number of results to 250. The figure should not disappoint you because at Microsoft they believe that even if the figure of 250 search results does not work out, then rephrase your query once again. Hmm…it seems that atleast this time Microsoft is working out some serious strategies rather than just following others. Good job Microsoft!.

But the only disadvantge with Windows Live Search is that the site does not work on Firefox version. Yet another feature of Windows Live Search is that you can save your search results as macros which can be later on put to use. 

However time will only tell whether Windows Live Search has helped Microsoft to be a leader in the search engine race.


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