Google Mobile Search Ads to Feature Multiple Business Locations!

Nov 12, 2014 | 874 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Google has made an update to the AdWords location extensions. It now shows up to 3 business locations in mobile search ads. When a business has several locations nearby, users will be able to see up to 3 locations in an ad.

Mobile search Google Mobile Search Ads to Feature Multiple Business Locations!

The extensions can display street address as well as distance from the user's current location. Users can click to call or even get directions for each of the 3 locations.

Google AdWords Will Now Show Local Forwarding Numbers for Call Extensions!

Nov 7, 2014 | 1,156 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Google had made an announcement on Google+ that call extensions now support local forwarding numbers. Businesses can now show searchers local numbers, which may increase the chances of them calling your local business.

Here's what Google said, "starting today, ads with call extensions set up to use Google forwarding numbers can now show a local Google forwarding number, where available".

Google AdWords to Get a New Reporting Feature Treemaps!

Nov 5, 2014 | 906 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Google in its Google Analytics G+ account announced that a new AdWords reporting feature called Treemaps is coming to the software.

Treemaps will offer AdWords advertisers a quicker insight into their ad performance. As told by Google, these will enable advertisers to "visually identify trends and trouble spots across your account with speed and insight that you don’t have when looking at numbers alone". Treemaps display "hierarchical data using nested rectangles, showing positive results in green, and lagging results in red, speeding up your decision process," Google added.

Google AdWords Campaign Settings & Ad Extensions Get Bulk Editing!

Nov 5, 2014 | 984 views | by Ritu Sharma
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After brining dynamic insertion to a whole new level, Google has now launched bulk editing for ad extensions and campaign settings. It will eliminate the process of making changes in the extensions and settings within AdWords user interface for one campaign or ad group at a time.

Marketers can now edit sitelink extensions, location targeting, ad rotation, and more on multiple campaigns at once. This will reduce the management hours and improve the performance of marketers.

Google Rolling Out New Report to Show Ad Performance in Automated Extensions!

Nov 1, 2014 | 1,768 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Automated extensions is a new term term for what were previously known as annotations. These extensions are essentially consumer and seller ratings which populate automatically in AdWords ads.

Google has recently announced that annotations is a term which will no longer be used. Instead, automatic extensions will be used. Google has also said that the Reporting and Help Center documentation will be showing this change as well. Within this new announcement, Google has also new automated extensions report is going to be released.

Google announces renaming of few Adwords Columns to Match Google Analytics!

Oct 29, 2014 | 1,318 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Google recently announced on Google+ that it will be renaming a few columns within Google AdWords. The search engine giant has made this announcement at a forum discussion which was recently centered on this topic.

It also reported that this naming convention has a high level of consistency with Google Analytics. During the forum discussion, Google declared that,”three of the Google Analytics reporting columns in AdWords will be re-named to match the corresponding column names in Google Analytics.”

Google AdWords Rolls Out Custom Affinity Audiences for Display Ad Targeting!

Oct 9, 2014 | 1,679 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Google will be rolling out a new feature custom affinity audiences to give advertisers more flexibility in their targeting users based on their interests across the Google Display Network.

The search engine giant had launched affinity audiences segments last year to help advertisers in reaching people across the Google Display Network. The segments reflect TV audience targeting.

Google to Add More Verticals to Remarketing Ads!

Oct 3, 2014 | 1,148 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Marketers have a reason to be delighted! Google has decided to add more verticals to their dynamic remarketing ads, a decision which is sure to add zing to their marketing activity. The verticals include real estate, hotels, flights, classifieds, finance, education, jobs and auto.

Remarketing ads are the dynamic ads featuring products a visitor has previously seen on the company's website. The idea is to remind the potential customers about the product. Google can create dynamic remarketing ads for merchants automatically as well.

Google AdWords Updates Bulk Uploads Features!

Sep 29, 2014 | 1,297 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Last week, Google introduced improvements to bulk upload features within the AdWords interface for helping advertisers upload multiple changes with simple spreadsheet editing.

With the help of the new updates, advertisers can

  • Download spreadsheets as well as make changes offline
  • Upload the updated spreadsheet back into their account exactly where they want to make the changes

Google Introduces Ad Customizers for Large Scale PPC Campaigns!

Sep 29, 2014 | 1,385 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Recently, Google rolled out Ad Customizers for helping large scale PPC advertisers scale text ad creative. This new feature shows highly relevant ads to advertiser’s customers, even when sometimes they have over thousands of products, promotions and services changing by the day.

Ad customizers use a number of inputs including information about the advertiser’s business details like price, product and promotional timing on campaigns, keywords or ad groups for generating timely and relevant ads.