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Rand Fishkin Is The MySuperProposal Guy, Finally Proposes Girlfriend

Feb 9, 2007 | 1,167 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Rand Fishkin aka Randfish, owner and operator of SEOmoz, proposed his girlfriend Geraldine, also known as 'Mystery Guest' by buying a TV commercial spot during her favorite show Veronica Mars. So finally it is out in the open that Rand is the MySuperProposal guy.

Rand says:

As some folks had already guessed, I was the MySuperProposal guy. Tonight, I proposed to Mystery Guest on her favorite show, Veronica Mars.

New Code Search Engine- All The Code

Feb 7, 2007 | 1,450 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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allthecode logo New Code Search Engine  All The CodeThere is a new search engine for code search- All The Code. The existing engines are Krugle, Koders and Google Code Search. Presently, the serach engine returns data only for java language and more languages will be added slowly. The distinguishing feature is that All The Code considers the relation between code and uses this to help judge the relevance. 

Taken The JupiterResearch Search Marketing Executive Survey?

Feb 7, 2007 | 1,320 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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A post at SEO Round Table reports about Jupiter Research running a Search Marketing Executive Survey. According to the post:

Already more than 1,000 marketers, consultants and agencies have responded — but we'd like to get as broad a cross-section of PPC campaign managers and Search Engine Optimizers as possible. The survey is open to novices, experts and search gurus. Only one person per company may respond. ALL responses are aggregated. There is no personally identifiable information released. Please feel free to forward the link to other SEM and SEO professionals. 

Copyright Issues: Do You Own Your Own Website?

Feb 6, 2007 | 1,103 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Most of us are a little confused about copyright issues. Luckily, few of you would have had to pay heavily for it, so far. A post at Threadwatch recounts the story of a poor regional tourism group whose website was hijacked by a cunning 'media production' guy who apparently retained copyright on everything he's developed for them over the last 3 years. That's pretty much every graphic, every word of content, every brochure produced, and -you guessed it- he owns the domain and is admin.

SEOmoz Version 3 Launched

Feb 5, 2007 | 1,463 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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A dazzling new SEO is here. There is a cool new design and few cool new features too. As per the design, it deserves all the complements that one can give. It has turned a new feather in simple and powerful designs.

There is a post by Matt which introduces SEOmoz Version 3.  The cool new features include YOUmoz, which is a user generated SEO blog. The description says it all:

More Than 200 Search Engines In One: CrossEngine

Feb 5, 2007 | 1,613 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Imagine search results for images, videos, audios, news, blogs and more in one place for all relevant search engines. This is exactly what CrossEngine provides. There are easy to use tabs which enable you to choose exactly what you want to search.

There are more than 200 search engines which are automatically sorted as you move between categories. What's more, you can also search for word documents, powerpoint presentations, excel sheets and PDF files, though only in Google and Yahoo!

Share-Of-Search Statistics From Hitwise And Neilson/NetRatings

Feb 1, 2007 | 1,794 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Hitwise and Nielsen/NetRatings revealed the share-of-search stats for the months of January 2006 and December 2005.

Nielsen has put the crown on Google with 50.8 percent of all searches in December. Yahoo! follows closely behind with with 23.6 percent. MSN comes third with 8.4 percent, then AOL search with 6.1 percent. MSN has lost the biggest share equaling to 9.7 percent.

YSM's Country Targeting Of Ads Goes Haywire

Feb 1, 2007 | 1,280 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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It's not everyday that you get a scoop like this. Yahoo! Search Marketing has been making a fool of itself and it's all out in the open now. There is a post at Threadwatch which shows the folly of YSM.

The webmaster of, which is a UK oriented site noticed YSM ads on and When he pointed this out to YSM, the response was:

ECommerce Rocks- Video Tutorial For ECommerce Websites

Jan 30, 2007 | 1,539 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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In December we reported about the online video tutorials launched by Gareth Davies of GSINC Ltd for beginner SEOs. It was a helpful of 6 videos which covered title tags and research on Google.

Now we have the second installment, "ECommerce Rocks," which "focuses on improving performance for ECommerce websites." The videos covers 6 Important Pages For Your Website and 6 Mistakes ECommerce Sites Make. GSINC is a specialty consultancy working in the fields of website promotion and search engine optimization.

10 Queries For Web Analytics Vendor When Selecting Tools

Jan 25, 2007 | 1,899 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor has posted ten such questions which are:

1. What is the difference between your tool / solution and Google Analytics? Please share your top five, just five, reports that are different from GA and why?
2. Are you 100% ASP or do you offer a software version we can buy and install in-house? Are you planning to do a software version? 
3. What data capture mechanisms do you use? Javascript only? Javascript and web logs? Web logs only? Others?
4. Please help me calculate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your tool.
5. What kind of Support do you offer? What is included for free and what would cost more? Is free 24×7? What are the limits? How far will you go to help me solve my technical problems and answer “silly” questions from my business users?
6.  What features do you have in your tool that allow me to segment the data?
7.  What options do I have to export data from your system into our company system? Can I get all the raw data? Can I export processed data? How easy it is for me to export 100,000 rows of Processed (not Raw) data out of your tool into my other company systems? What happens if I terminate my contract with you?
8.  What kinds of features do you provide for me to integrate data from other sources into your tool?
9.  What are two new features / tools / analytical advancements / acquisitions is your company cooking up that would keep you ahead of your competition for the next three years?
10. Why did the last two clients you lost cancel their contracts with you? Who are they using now? Would you permit us to call one of them?