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Google has just released their annual leading trending searches from across the globe. Once users have read all they want to, they can also study updates in Google Trends and within the search results.

Trending Topics in Search for 2014

Users may want to know what has been trending on Google. For this purpose, Google is presently launching the easiest way to search 2014 trending topics in Search. All users have to do is search for [2014 trending topics], [2014 trends] or such questions in around 45 plus languages and they can find the new feature listing the leading trends of the year linked to Google Trends data.

Check Out the Important Events of 2014 With New Google Trends Tools

Users can click any of the listed topics for efficiently and rapidly performing the search and acquiring more information or clicking on the menu for exploring trends in the 61 nations across the world.

YouTube Trending Topics in 27 Nations

The web is associated with way more than searching. It also involve sharing, learning, listening, creating as well as watching…What if users who wan tot explore the trends and catch the pulse of what’s hot at the moment online? Google has taken the small step in this area by introducing a new feature for exploring videos Trending on YouTube in the US. Users can now explore videos on YouTube in 27 nations…all they have to do is to go to and click on “Trending on YouTube” and they can gain insights and access to videos which are highly popular at the moment.

Check Out the Important Events of 2014 With New Google Trends Tools

The new and updated YouTube provides a listing of Google Trends in the most complete and dynamic way, using the Google Trends technology and working on earlier efforts that commenced with YouTube Trends and the YouTube Popular Now Channel.

Based on which day it is, users can find nearly 200 newly trending videos so they can learn more about the latest and most recent popular game highlights, late night satires, and Minecraft voiceovers.

A New Design For a New Year

Google has also launched numerous design updates associated with the Google Trends website aiming to make it easier, cleaner and more vibrantly colorful. Among the many tweaks, there is an updated navigation menu not to mention updated typography, spacing and a refreshed design for the Top Charts. The latter is the home for the top yearly trending topics. Visit this and share more about what your thoughts are with Google by clicking “Send Feedback” located at the end of the Google Trends pages.

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