Mar 22, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Windows Live Mail or WML has reached the depths of non-functionality, the ads are really obtrusive, and the search doesn’t really work. It's true. There are whole lots of things that really make it weird. To get a new view, you have to switch to IE6 as it doesn't work with Firefox.

It can really cause a headache if you try this on IE7. With IE7, it wouldn't let you open links in emails. If you try search option, type anything and be sure that you will get the most irrelevant bunch of links. Then, you suddenly remember Google, as it gives you more relevant answers or search results.

How can Microsoft use alpha for this service? May be Microsoft has a different meaning of Alpha. That means they are still looking for lots of bugs and hopefully, all will be sorted out soon.

Oh! My goodness, besides such nuisance, there is more to take. It gets unbearably frustrating whenever you see giant animated banner ads hovering around your inbox. They make you feel claustrophobic, to say the least. While feeling sick you think of clicking on "send us feedback" button. So sorry, it doesn’t show a feedback box. Probably, they know the kind of feedback they will get.

If this is exactly what Microsoft has been doing to give tough competition to GMail. It will be long time before that happens.  On the other hand, Yahoo! mail is giving some better options to make competition stiffer.

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