China Unblocks Wikipedia But Not In Chinese

Oct 15, 2006 | 1,653 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Good news for Wikipedians in China as it has been made accessible again after being blocked for over a year. This is the third time when Wikipedia has been unblocked. But t5he bad news is that it is still not accessible in Chinese.

Wikipedia writes: "Chinese Wikipedians have expressed fears about the detrimental effects that a permanent ban would have. First of all, the block deprives a useful resource from the majority of Chinese speakers in the world. Moreover, since Mainland Chinese form a significant portion of the Chinese Wikipedia community (46% of all users in March 2005), a long-term block could severely stunt the growth of Wikipedia similar to the block in June 2004. Finally, as the presence of contributors from multiple communities and viewpoints has helped in ensuring neutrality in some controversial topics (e.g. Taiwanese independence), the sudden removal of one community could exacerbate systemic bias on the Chinese Wikipedia.

There has been much speculation over the cause of the block. Possible reasons offered include controversial articles in Wikipedia itself and recent controversial events in the news that Wikipedia has covered, though as of now none of these
are confirmed."

4.thumbnail China Unblocks Wikipedia But Not In Chinese

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4.thumbnail China Unblocks Wikipedia But Not In Chinese
4.thumbnail China Unblocks Wikipedia But Not In Chinese