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The Click Asia Summit 2011 was held from 20th – 22nd January 2011 at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The event brought together over 50 speakers and trainers from agencies, SEO companies, large businesses, IT companies, small and medium businesses etc. Gurbaksh Chahal, Anupam Kher, Gillian Muessig, Siddhartt Jhunjhunwala, Dr Lai Kok Fung, Eric Bozziny, Sandeep Suvarna, Mahesh Narayanan, Beerud Sheth, Bill Hunt, Alok Kejriwal are among some names of the top industry gurus who were there.

The summit lived up to the fervent expectations of all the marketing professional who attended it. It was packed with engaging, educating, inspiring and at the same time challenging speeches from the speakers not to forget the bouts of laughter, foods, drinks and lively interactions. There were also workshop and seminars on the last day that offered awareness, ideas and answers to various online marketing issues.

Our own PageTraffic team was present amidst all the happenings there, following each session that we could manage to, (as there were two simultaneous sessions in two different ballrooms, we had to pick one and forgo the other, sadly) with eyes wide open and ears raised, soaking up every word and relishing every moment. Here is a report of our experience on the event's first day, in a gist.

The first day kicked off right after the registration & light breakfast at 9 am, with a keynote session by Gurbaksh Chahal, one of the youngest and richest Indian entrepreneur in the US and also the founder of RadiumOne. The tale of his own journey to success in itself is an inspirational one. He became an Internet entrepreneur at a young age of 16, and a millionaire at 18, and is an author of a best selling book “The Dream.”

Speaking for the first time in India, he delivered an inspiring and eye-opening message during his hour long session with a slight snag when the video footage of him at Oprah's show, shown on stage, got stuck for a while. He advocated that ideas need to be executed, put in to action and turned to reality. Here are some few points from his speech:

  • Don't stick to only one idea, rather experiment with all of them.
  • Don't be scared of rejection. Embrace it.
  • Offer something before you expect for help from others.
  • Make decisions, right or wrong, you will learn from each.
  • Your parents have given you 2 things – the gift of life and the gift to dream, you give both.

A half hour of coffee, tea & networking break ensued, which was followed by Siddharth Jhunjhunwala from Web Spiders who spoke on the topic – 7 Pillars of Building Trust Online in ballroom (Phi) and simultaneously in the other ballroom (Sigma), Mahesh Narayanan from Google India delivered another on the topic – Mobile Web: The New Mass Media. Narayanan's topic was interesting, he said:

  • Cellphones, Content and Connectivity were the 3 Cs that are driving the mobile web growth.
  • Mobile Internet could be bigger than TV or the Web.
  • Location is a very key targeting possibility in terms of mobile internet.
  • There are consumers are out there and marketers want to connect with them.
  • Time to customize content for the mobile.


Role of Creativity and Innovation in Digital and Social Media Marketing, delivered by Cyriel Kortleven from New Shoes Today, was an instant hit amongst all the attendees. It was received with much applause and attention. Gillian Muessig's (from SEOmoz) – Metrics-Analysis-Action! was of equal intensity with both depth and humor. Despite speaking on a rather boring topic as 'analytics,' she instantly connected with the audience, and the dots too. Here are some pointers (watch the complete ppt for more details) from her ppt:

  • The purpose of analytics is – ‘metrics, metrics, metrics’.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Say no to page rank, instead track basic stats.
  • Track the winners.
  • Do even more of what you are doing right and keep testing.

Jeff Adelson Yan from Levelwing spoke on – Advanced View on PPC vs. Organic, and Eric Bozinny from Microsoft's on – Online Advertising Click Fraud. These sessions were followed by an appropriately named 'Networking Lunch' from 12.45 pm to 1.45 pm.

After the lunch, Joe Nguyen and Kedar Gavane from comScore's topic delivered the – Video Monetisation, and Sandeep Suvarna (LinkedIn India) spoke on the – Hidden Power of B2B Social Media. Suvarna said that context is king and relevance of information are the two pillars of B2B marketing. He recommended social media highly for digital advertising and marketing citing examples and studies.

The following session – Social Media Planning was paneled by Sanjay Mehta from Social Wavelength and Ashwin Sivakumar from Jugular Social Media. Simultaneously in the other ballroom was the topic – There's an App for That! by Neil Burton from Web Spiders. Like Narayanan's topic, Burton's too stressed on the importance of mobile marketing strategy in every online businesses' digital marketing strategy.

The topics – Changing Face of the Agency was led by Ashok Lalla from Euro RSCG India, Avinash Rao from MindTree and Tribal DDB's Max Hegerman. In the other ballroom Milind Mody from eBrandz, Navneet Kaushal, CEO, PageTraffic and Raghavendra Satish Peri from IBM paneled the – Search Engine Marketing – Dead and Buried? This session focused on how one marketing strategies influence and assist each other directly or indirectly sometimes. Navneet's ppt presentation pointed out :


  • The rise of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
  • The impact of SMO on SEO,
  • Social media has become a part of SEM and more.

Similarly Peri's stressed on the importance of social media saying:

  • Social Media Optimization the ‘in-thing,’
  • Social searches are increasing,
  • Mobile searches are increasing and
  • Advertising fetches faster ROI.

Mody started by giving a brief history to the "SEO is dying/ no longer feasible,” advocated to follow search engine acquisitions, and concluded that “Good SEO's are very good in adapting to situation.”

Another coffee, tea & networking break followed and the next session had Vivek Bhargava (Communicate2) speaking on – Best Practices: Online Marketing and an interesting topic – Facebook for Brand Building was delivered by Pradeep Chopra from Digital Vidya. Chopra was another hit with the audience. His ppt on 'Demistifying community building on facebook' was interesting. He pointed out that:

  • Times have not changed (just the tools?)
  • The objectives of a community.
  • To engage people using humor, debate, information, creating commotion, raising questions, sensationalism etc., for success in facebook.
  • Then publish, promote and measure.
  • Scalable content is the key!

The first day's last sessions were on the topics Industries in Focus: Banking & Hospitality by Vikas Tandon from Indigo Consulting and Ranjeet Nambiar from Urja Communications Pvt Ltd., and Content is King by Alok Kejriwal from Games2Win and Palash Jain from Infolona. Kejriwal said that content “will create traffic, buzz, etc. and not the other way around.” He also said that content is universal, can be re-purposed, unpredictable and need not be a hit or miss business. Jain stressed on the importance of content value that it should address a pain point. He added that the digital advertising is available and that we must accept and invest in it among other points.

After the sessions was the exciting Visit expo from 6-8 pm with a cool show of various stuffs and flow of drinks (beer and wine), on the house, and followed by the evening's guest speaker Mr Anupam Kher's session.

Mr Kher, needs no introduction but just for the sake of it, is a well acclaimed Actor & Founder of the Anupam Kher Foundation. He spoke on how technology connects people and also presented a human side of technology in a witty and humorous note that sent the audience to fits of laughter and made them ponder at the same time. The night ended with a one-on-one dialogue between Anupam Kher and Gurbaksh Chahal, which was a treat to all present there. Here are some lines picked from the duo's dialogue:

  • “Years back I was running towards nowhere, now I am an old man and walking slowly towards somewhere.”
  • “I can come up with a very intelligent definition of success but I don’t have one. For me, success is being yourself.”
  • “I have no regrets in life. What I am today is the sub-total of all the persons I have been and all the persons that have graced my life.”

 The treat of a talk was then followed by dinner to end the first day of the CAS 2011.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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