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The agenda of this session of Day 2 SMX New York 2011 was to bring a close look on the capabilities of Google + and the impact of +1. This session also highlights about the recent updates on these services with lots of Q&A as well.


  • Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land (@dannysullivan)

Q&A Moderator:

  • Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting (@stonetemple)


  • Tiffany Oberoi, Software Engineer, Google (@tiffanyoberoi)
  • Christian Oestlien, Lead Product Manager, Google (@christianism)

This interactive session begins with the two eminent speakers Tiffany Oberoi, Software Engineer, Search and Christian Oestilien, Group Product Manager, Social Advertising. They discusses and presents about what Google + will mean to us now and in the future as business pages roll out.

By focusing on Google, Christian explains how best to enable businesses to participate and how to work advertising into Google +. He considers people to be core of the content creation and internet.

Google connects sites and link and behind those links are people. Further, he emphasizes that sharing that is happening is important to capitalize on. Individuals are empowered to become publishers, authors and bloggers. She distinguishes by saying that what we share with each of our social groups – friends, family and coworkers – is different whereas with circles we can speak to each of those groups individually, tailored to what they care about.

 “Social is a core human behavior, not a destination.”

What is Google thinking about Google+? She explains by stating that they are aiming to rethink and reinvent the way people think about Google. It is more about bringing people to the core front of the Google experience that permeates every aspect of what you do. Christian further, says that, “It’s not so much about competing against Facebook,” rather it is about the Google experience and how it will be improved by making Google a much more personal and human experience.”

+You – Get up close and personal
You may have noticed the +you pop up in the top left section when logged into Gmail. The point: making I easy for your online world resemble real world. It’s about you and turning the connection into a unique real experience, according to Google+.

“Under the Hood” in Google+

  • Circles: Custom sets results in nuance sharing – while having a public identity but having a personalized private side to it
  • Hangouts: Allows you to have a video chat real time with whom you choose
  • Instant uploads: Android phone will auto upload any photos taken on phone
  • Sparks: Search for an “interest” and spark up a conversation – for example pick Lady Gaga as an interest and follow her feed.

+1 Button that was introduced in June is presently on more than 1 million websites and is generating over 4 billion impressions a day. Think of +1 as a social brand endorsement platform – search, sites, video, and mobile will be influenced by +1.

Why Does it Matter?

  • 71% say family members and friends are influential.
  • Google’s +1 is a way friends and family can endorse something see online.
  • 90% of people trust recommendations of people they know.
  • Think about how Page Rank looks at what websites are pointing to, +1 allows Google to see what people are looking at.
  • Users can +1 each individual sub-URL that has the +1 button.

New stuff about Google+ are as follows:


  • Google+ users will see the ability to share straight into stream
  • Ability to search and also share to Circles
  • Google+ shows up in search

Measuring the Impact of Google +1

  • Google Webmaster Tools: CTR and users, audience composition
  • Google Analytics: Compares G+1 to all social widgets

Google +1 and Ranking

  • +1 will not impact ranking, social search will be mixed up in regular search.
  • +1 will not have an impact on rankings if you are not logged into Google.

The second session of Day 2 ended here and moved on to Q and A among the speakers, Tiffany Oberoi, Christian Oestilien and the audience.

Highlights of the Q and A Session:

Christian Oestlien said that Brand pages are expected to roll out “soon”.

What can brands expect from Google+ Pages?

  • Social relationships becoming personal relationships with customers
  • A more personalized business experience with customers
  • Real users behind accounts communicating with Brand Pages

Google is seeing Circles empower brands to segment audiences for different communication purposes.

  • Tailor message to different audiences.
  • There will be unique ways for brands to use Circles in segmenting.

When someone checks in to a business on Google+, does that business get a +1 on Google Places?

  • As of now, the answer is no.

Christian further says, “business profiles come relatively soon. They are taking a little bit longer to get them out the door, so your business does not become falsely represented. Verified badges, like on Twitter, will be used and those people can report those profiles who may be falsely representing.” someone else.

To this, Tiffany replies says: +1’s not factored into ranking algorithm. Social search uses variety of ranking factors.

How do own variables affect +1 across paid organic – like tags?

  • When you add your +1 button, you can check for rel=canonical tag in on page code so it will always point to that version.

What about Record hangouts?

  • Features probably will be rolled out eventually as they improve.

Top TakeAways from the session and Q & A that followed:

  • +1 is a strong signal to Google as an immediate user signal.
  • Share box on maps is out there and can share straight to G
  • You are able to watch YouTube videos together on Hangout and can +1 the video from the Share video button.
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