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It is true that online competitive research can fetch you a wealth of information about your competitor and the industry. The deemed industry experts and influencers came together to throw light on competitive intelligence and the tactics & social media tools to be used.


  • Joe Larato


  • Matt Siltala – President, Avalaunch Media
  • Elisabeth Osmeloski – Executive Features Editor, Search Engine Land
  • Jacob Hagemann – Founder, Hoosh Technology, SA

Joe Larato, a recognized and leading Search Engine Marketing Industry expert kicked off the session on Competitive Intelligence – one of the most talked about sessions of Pubcon Day 3.

Matt Siltala started off asking a rather simple but deep question – “Why do social competitive research?”. His answer was rather simple:

  • To get ideas
  • To gauge the overall market
  • To identify opportunities

“Learn from case studies that were successful” is what Siltala suggests. He recommended keeping an eye on what your competitor is bragging about & it will be a great help to you.  According to Matt, there’s a lot of intelligence being gathered about all of us, so study the types of content that works & on which social network. 

“Follow key influencers on Twitter” was an important tip shared by Matt. The reason behind is when you know key people personally you get a better picture of your competitors.

Topsy is the tool Siltala recommends for competitive intelligence analysis because it lets you search the entire history on Twitter. He also said, “Use Circle Count for G+ to find intel about your competitors”.

You will get more idea from Matt Siltala’s presentation

When Elisabeth Osmeloski took over the stage, Social & Competitive Intelligence tools we can’t live without was on her mind. Elisabeth suggests that you should Identify your perceived and actual competitor. One of the key points she made was “Don’t confuse competition for eyeballs with competition for business”.

Since you can’t watch all the competitors all the time, you need to stay focused on a selected few competitors is what Elisabeth suggests.

Quantcast is the tool Elisabeth and her team use for competitor analysis. She also recommends Simply Measured because it has a massive amount of data. Elisabeth concludes that while you are doing competitive analysis, “Don’t fall too far down the rabbit hole”.

Want to check out Elisabeth’s presentation.

Jacob Hagemann, the Founder, Hoosh Technology was a delight to listen to. Coming straight to the point, Jacob said “Competitive intelligence is not something you do once in a quarter. If you are not doing competitive intelligence everyday, you need to get started”.

He recommends taking action to either make more revenue or protect the existing revenue. If you don’t take action based on your competitive intelligence, you are wasting time.

Jacob asked the attendees to focus on retention and doing competitive intelligence will open their mind. 

Jacob feels that less is more and doesn’t recommend monitoring 2000 keywords for analysis.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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