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Michael Basilyan, the Senior Program Manager from the Bing Content Quality Team, has revealed an important set of details on the Bing blog regarding how its algorithms decide what quality content is.

Michael went on to reveal that content quality is the top factor in the ranking algorithm coupled with topical relevance and context. He then discussed that content quality comprises three primary factors: authority, utility and presentation.

Content Quality Comprising Authority, Utility and Presentation Constitutes Primary Ranking Factor: Bing

Authority for Content Quality

Bing has defined authority on the basis of their trust in the content. How can it determine if the content can be trusted? It’s not just the links pointing to the page, but also the the reputation of the website and the web page.Additionally, Bing checks out signals from social networks to check if the author has received a lot of citations apart from recognition and his or her being an authority on that particular topic. Authority changes by query segment are also discussed by Bing, wherein health authorities require professional documents created about an authority.

Utility for Content Quality

This determines if the search page is usefully written and contains enough details about search users to achieve their task. Check if the page also has enough supporting citations. It should contain enough details for typical/usual searchers. Bing also prefers to view videos, images and graphs on the page- signalling utility and content quality.

Repurposed or recycled content may harm the content quality. Bing wants pages that are actual sources of the data or perform unique actions with it, not merely pages that recycle content from within a source.

Presentation for Content Quality

This aspect is all about ensuring the content in the page is easily found and simple to read. If ads are in the way, distracting or unrelated ads or content are extremely difficult to find and this can damage content quality score. Bing has also declared they will “promote and support websites and webmasters that provide ads relevant to the content of their website and place ads so that they do not interfere with the user experience.”

Examples of these have been shared by Bing. Users of Google Panda may be already familiar with this.

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