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SEO in isolation is no longer a competitive advantage, and marketers must master the converging worlds of search, social media, and content. In this session the two master presenters discussed best practices to help you develop an optimized and socialized content marketing plan.

PRESENTER: Tommy Griffith, SEO Manager – Emerging Markets, PayPal

Here is a brief from Tommy’s presentation:

Paid search results amount to 30% of search. And organic search results amounts to 70% of the total search. The amazing fact is that Google has gotten good at delivering relevant search results because of which the click through rates are very low on page two of search result. The users get relevant content on the first page itself. That is why it is very important to be on the first page of Google search result for relevant keywords. More importantly, it is crucial to be present in the first five search result of the first page for relevant keywords. 

Convergence Of Search - Social And Content Marketing: ad:tech New Delhi 2013, Day 2 #adtechin

Search engine algorithm is constantly changing. There have been two recent changes in the Google algorithm

  1. Panda update 2011 (aka farmer update) targeted sites with low quality content. That is when websites realized that they had to concentrate on quality content as well. 
  2. Penguin update 2012 concentrated on removing spam sites with unnatural links. 

Links still does matter even today, but the importance has diminished. Quality signal building which simply refers to the page with the highest quality, relevant signals wins. 

PRESENTER: Prashant Puri, CEO & Co-Founder, AdLift.com

Here is a brief from Prashant’s presentation:


  1. SEO is a 2 month process – let’s do it now and do it fast. Contrary to the common myth, SEO is an ongoing process, getting it right from the start is important. And once a brand builds a constant traffic through SEO, the task doesn’t end there, SEO needs to continue. 
  2. Content for Bots is different from content for users.
    This would have helped brands few years ago but now Google can very easily mark the website as spam if the content has excessive keywords. 
  3. SEO is autonomous. SEO works in convergence with other departments of the brands. Eg Google likes sites that are fast, hence, SEO team should be interacting with operations team to ensure that the speed of the website is good. 


  1. Purposeful content is more valuable than ever. Even if the content is less, but valuable content creates value for brands in the long run. The content has to be made keeping the users in mind.
  2. Spam content cannot create engagement at social media and other channels. 
  3. Traffic needs to be earned


  1. Work with P & L owners – what are the products and keywords.
  2. Know the analytics in and out. Know about what are your top landing pages and worst landing pages and what can be done to change the latter.
  3. Set expectations with stakeholders. SEO takes time. But once it is achieved it can be sustained. 
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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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