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The SES San Francisco 2011 kicked off with a keynote from Susan Bratton, co-founder and CEO of Digital Life Media. The note titled- Conversion Triggers-Persuasion Strategies for Digital Marketers, was complete with effective tools and actual persuasive techniques for marketing. Susan took the stage, and started off by saying that she is in the initial stages of the road to understanding persuasion marketing. However, she said that the audience may learn well from her, as she is someone deep in the learning process.

Susan Bratton underlined a few principles behind her presentation. She said, “this is a delicate topic about intimacy and connection. Marketers are in a constant arms race with the publisher and technology. What no one can take away from you is your understanding of your customers and what works for them.” She then revealed that her earlier belief was that copy writing, persuasive marketing and neuro marketing were for the professionals, the tough ad men. But then she realized that one can do this themselves. The route to take is an effective copy writing course, that are easily available online.

In her presentation, Bratton outlined the four arenas of persuasive marketing:

  1. Structured communications
  2. Story telling
  3. Copy writing
  4. Neuro-marketing

Susan defined the route to structured communications and success in copy writing, with their close link to keywords, empathy, story telling and triggers. These four elements will be far more effective than any sales pitch, and will lead to effective communication with your customer. In her presentation,  she stressed on the Craig Eubanks quote, "We copy writers would like to believe copy is paramount, yet it's only about 20 percent of the success equation. It's the offer that matters most." Her special 'Revive Your Drive' case study drew a lot of interest, and gave a detailed insight.

SES San Francisco 2011, Day 1 - Susan

Her presentation titled 'Revive Your Drive' was used to explain the concept of Conversion Triggers in action. How they are applied in the creation and launch of a product. Now the case study' Revive Your  Drive'- revolves around helping men have a better sex life. Susan kicked off by researching keywords and online surveys. The next step was looking at media consumption. This helps you to know what is the target already consuming.

Then she turned on the empathy factor- she studied her targets carefully-delved deep into them-their lives-problems-desires-hopes. She took the aid of up close and personal interviews to judge what else was needed to be added to her product. She interviewed about 50 men to understand the extent of the difficulty of their problem.

Her research took her to forums, where she read stories of men having this problem. She read the book reviews of books on this issue, to find out what was missing from current books on the subject. Then she went on to interview experts to get to know the right language used by them to get to the people.

All this done, she compiled and sorted her research. She divided the research into four major elements of seduction. Put them down in a long narrative. Then got the feedback on the effectiveness of her words and further she learned the key to connect with her target customer.

“Initial conversions are lower than autoresponder conversions in this case study,” she noted. She used Bob Stone's 7 Steps to be handling all objections in autoresponders effectively. Then she experimented with  87 headlines and 7 different landing pages and looked at click-tale heat maps. A little tweak in her keywords caused a 20% increase in traffic. Susan full recommends ongoing testing and tweaking.

Susan gave out a list of references and resources, on each of her four arena. On 'structure', she recommends several resources:

  • Sparkline, Nancy Duarte
  • Hero's Journey, Joseph Campbell
  • 7-Step Formula for Winning Letters, Bob Stone

The copy writing resources she recommends are:

  • Influential Writing, Dan Kennedy
  • Simple Writing System, John Carlton
  • The Irresistable Offer, Mark Joyner
  • Million Dollar Mailings, Dennison HPatch

Story Telling and Neuro-Marketing in Persuasion Marketing can be achieved if empathy is mixed with action. Susan says, "Persuasion is a sequence of emotions that take a prospect from interest to action. You need to move your prospect through all of the emotions that he or she is going to have and overcome those objections to turn them into a yes.” Her recommendations are:

  • Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki
  • 7-Figure Speaking Empire, Dave van Hoose
  • Invisible Close, Lisa Sasevich
  • Resonate, Nancy Duarte
  • Persuasion & Influence, Robert Cialdini
  • 29 Psychological Triggers, Joe Sugarman
  • 7 Fascination Triggers, Sally Hogshead
  • Semantics & Semiotics, Joseph Carrabis

To round off, Susan recommended the idea of joining mastermind groups, so that one gets the right advice and take advantage of people with complementary skills. All these resources will help you create persuasive copy with strong conversion triggers.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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