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It is no longer mandatory for new users to sign up for Google+ while creating a new Google account, but they can still choose to do so if they want. It was earlier this month that Google began to show a “No thanks” option for Google+ profile creation to users who were signing up for Gmail or other Google products. Without making much noise about the change, Google chose to silently discard the mandatory integration. Lary Kim was the first to notice and talk about this in the WordStream blog.

Now Create a Google Account without the Compulsion of Connecting it to Google+
Source: WordStream

First Google removed Google+ authorship information from search results and has dropped the requirement that forced new users to create a Google+ profile when they sign up for a Google account. Does this say Google is preparing to kill its 3 years old social network?

It was in January 2012 that new Google users started facing a requirement while creating an account for Gmail: the creation of a Google+ enabled profile with any account. This was not the first time that Google had to face the fury of users. Google again annoyed the users when it announced that YouTube users need a Google+ profile to access the social network. However this integration resulted in lowering a lot of spam comments and trolling.

When Vic Gundotra stepped down from Google in April, there were speculations about the future of Google+ and whether Google is planning to bring an end to its social networking platform. I think Google is trying to learn a lesson from all the missteps and thus getting softer with its integration of Google+ in all other Google products.

Apparently, Google is no longer concerned with shooting up its Google+ users number because it knows it cannot beat Facebook. Whatever the case may be, I think Google will continue to make changes to Google+, improving Hangouts and other Google+ products so that those without a Google+ account can use it as well.

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