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A huge asset and investment for any business is building and having a fully functioning, competent and well-motivated digital marketing team. You need one for online sales growth. The digital world can be both complicated and daunting. Buzz words, skill sets and technologies seem to change on a daily basis. In order to connect with millennials, and stay relevant, it is critical to embrace experiential marketing, social and visual storytelling. The only issue is many startups, with deep pockets, have no trouble hiring the best and brightest. So, how can you create a world class digital marketing team for your company? Keep reading to learn more.

What's unique about your business?

Before you do any hiring, the most important question you need to answer is what makes your company stand out from your competition. Do you have a value proposition that will make your marketers feel that their work is valuable and their voices are heard? If so, that's a superior start. I currently work for a link building company based in Houston, as part of their content marketing company. What has kept me on board was that fact that I have always felt that my work was appreciated, and my voice was heard. If you can provide that much, you don't necessarily need to have the deepest pockets in your industry.

Share your story

It would be difficult to attract a world class digital marketing team if you don't have an amazing story. Does your company launch cutting-edge campaigns? If you're a small company, what do your customers like about you most? You should also send your head of marketing out to meet potential candidates at job fairs and even at universities. You want to convey your company's desire for the latest in marketing strategies–from content to videos. Share your marketing wins and also your failures. The best talent loves taking on a new challenge. In addition, you want to explain your company's vision for the future. The most talented people want to work with companies that have a clear cut vision.

Remove the barriers

Many times, top talent has their pick of where they want to live and work. If your company is located in an area where they would not be willing to relocate, then you would be out of luck. If you can, you might consider opening branch offices in cities popular with millennials. On the other hand, you can also offer people the opportunity to work remotely. Another barrier, that may be keeping the best team away, is you might compartmentalize your marketers into different groups such as video, traditional, online, etc…The best digital marketers don't want to work in silos. They would prefer to share ideas across the board to help with the company's overall growth. You might attract better talent if you bring all of your marketing teams together under one division.

Consider the roles and skills needed

The key roles in a digital marketing team include:

  • Content writer
  • Data manager
  • Social media specialist
  • Email marketing
  • HTML designer
  • Web analyst

Furthermore, these roles can blend into one another an overlap. To illustration, the social media specialist and content writer both help improve your SEO. Good SEO cannot be achieved without creative and relevant content writing. A Web analyst will find tasks for Web developers. Not to mention, the Data manager will feed data to the Email marketing person. You want a group that gets along, can speak in your company's voice and essentially, make your company look good.

Don't forget about retention

Getting the right talent in the door is the first step. The next and more difficult step is retention. If you have top talent, you will have to deal with potential poaching from other companies. Retention is not something that can be handled broadly. You really need to understand the individual objectives of each person and help them achieve their goals over time.

Moreover, you want to try to find signs of dissatisfaction immediately. You then want to work to make that person feel supported, valued and appreciated. The best talent will always appreciate being heard by executives, having proof their work contributed to your overall bottom line and have a part to play in a team of marketers targeting all facets of the digital space. You also want to make sure you keep your promises.

If you want to remain relevant throughout the next decade, you will have to embrace the most current marketing techniques. Although, your digital strategy won't go anywhere unless you have the right team behind you to support it. Make your company a fun and supportive place to work, and you'll have the best chance for creating a world class digital marketing team.

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Katrina Manning

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