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Google has announced that the advertisers will be able to customize the AdWords columns they want to see in the reports.

Google said it is "introducing custom columns to AdWords reporting, an easy way to create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see." The newly introduced custom columns can become part of campaign or ad group reports. Information within the reports can be sorted, filtered and also downloaded.

The steps for creating a custom column in AdWords are given below:

  1. Sign in to the AdWords account at
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the on Campaigns/Ad groups tab.
  4. Click on the Columns drop down button, following which you should select Customize columns.
  5. Choose the "Custom Columns" category which is towards the left.
    • A dialog box is shown for those who have never created a custom table before. This should be followed by the next step
    • If users have created a custom column, they need to click +Column. In the “Column name” field, the name of the new column needs to be entered.The column header displays this name
  6. Within the “Column description” field, a description of your column needs to be entered. The text entered here will be shown whenever users hover over the ? icon on the side of the column name.
  7. Choose the metric on which you must base this column on. Please note that all metrics are not available on all tabs.
  8. Choose the segment to which one must apply to this metric, like a device or network.
  9. Opt for the segment values that you want to view. For instance, if one has selected “Device” as the segment type, one might select “Mobile.”
  10. Click on Save. The new custom column is added to existing columns automatically.
  11. Click on Apply for applying the column customization to the data table.

Custom Columns Added By Google AdWords

To know more, join the forum discussion at Google+.

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