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Google has unveiled a new version of the Google Maps Engine Lite, also named as My Maps. The tool is pretty cool as well as powerful and it lets you create a trip itinerary, note hot-spots in any location and also gives you the opportunity to personalize Google Maps.

Customize your Google Maps Experience with the Improved My Maps

With the new My Maps which was previously known as the Google Maps, Engine Lite helps you in planning your own trip. Not only this, you can also add images, custom icons, descriptions as well as place details along the way.

You can download the My Maps Android app and view your map or make changes on the go. You can also check out other people’s maps while you are on your way. Google also gives you the option of sharing your map publicly for others to get inspired. If you want to keep your spots safe with yourself, you can set it to private or share it with a few friends.

This upgraded tool helps you create a map for anything you are interested in like global tributes to Nelson Mandela or a collection of Sherlock Holmes’ famous haunts. The possibilities are endless, there are students who have photographed as well as mapped a city’s public art installments. There are authors who have laid out their own stories of locations on the map. Activists have plotted out distribution centers and shelters during times of emergency.

Customize your Google Maps Experience with the Improved My Maps

If you have been creating custom maps with classic My Maps, Google gives you the option to upgrade all your content to the new My Maps, and lets you enjoy these new options. You can import spreadsheets, include YouTube videos and images as well as organize your locations and routes in the way you want to.

Google has also said that by the end of the year, all maps which have been created in the classic Google Maps will upgrade to the new My Maps automatically. If you wish to upgrade to the new maps, all you need to do is open the new My Maps and select “Upgrade now,” you can then check out the tour in the settings menu to get tips on creating your own custom content.

For power users Google offers a complementary My Maps Pro service which is chargeable at $5 per month. It offers additional tools for map making as well as a higher limit on daily views.

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